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Listado cronológico de series

The Walking Dead (T5)
Juego de tronos (T5)
The Good Wife (T6)
Justified: La ley de Raylan (T6)
House of Cards (T3)
Girls (T4)
The Jinx (El gafe) (T1)
Black Sails (T1)
Banshee (T1)
The Last Man on Earth (T1)
Daredevil (T1)
Better Call Saul (T1)
Man Seeking Woman (T1)
Togetherness (T1)
The Missing (T1)
The Syndicate (T1)
Borgen (T1)
Mad Men (T7)
Orange Is the New Black (T2)
Rectify (T2)
Boardwalk Empire (T5)
Hijos de la anarquía (T7)
The Newsroom (T3)
The Fall (T2)
Homeland (T4)
The Comeback (T2)
La historia del cine: una odisea (T1)
Transparent (T1)
The Affair (T1)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (T1)
You’re the Worst (T1)
The Leftovers (T1)
The Knick (T1)
Last Tango in Halifax (T1)
Happy Valley (T1)
The Honourable Woman (T1)
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (T1)
La Cúpula (T2)
Pigmalión (T1)
Érase una vez (T3)
Bates Motel (T1)
Da Vinci’s Demons (T1)
American Horror Story: Coven (T3)
Mad Men (T7)
The Good Wife (T5)
Juego de tronos (Game of Thrones) (T4)
Hannibal (T2)
Fargo (T1)
Louie (T4)
24: Vive otro día (T9)
Californication (T7)
Gomorra (T1)
Penny Dreadful (T1)
Silicon Valley (T1)
Steins;Gate (T1)
Noir (T1)
The Comeback (T1)
Defiance (T1)
Justified: La ley de Raylan (T5)
House of Cards (T2)
Treme (T4)
The Walking Dead (T4)
Girls (T3)
My Mad Fat Diary (T2)
True Detective (T1)
Gravity Falls (T1)
My Mad Fat Diary (T1)
Spawn (T1)
Hijos del Tercer Reich (T1)
Boardwalk Empire (T4)
Hijos de la anarquía (T6)
Homeland (T3)
Downton Abbey (T4)
La Cúpula (T1)
Breaking Bad (T5)
The Newsroom (T2)
Dexter (T8)
Érase una vez (T2)
American Horror Story: Asylum (T2)
The Killing (T3)
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