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Lich's Lair is a RPG oriented website, where you'll find interesting material of diverse roleplaying games, trying to add stuff as often as possible... Home rules, characters from several games, campaigns, stories, software, drawings, manual crafts, links and RPG humor complete its library. Let's say, lots of stuff! :)

Just in case it doesn't seem obvious, collaborations are welcome! :) I've received stories, articles and drawings from other people, which have helped a lot to make this website become what it's now.

The last update dates from 09/December/2007 and was about:

  • Updated the D&D modules classification, in the Modules section.

  • Finished the Star Wars: the Easiest Way campaign arc with chapters 10 and 11, in the Modules and Fudge sections (03/January/2007).

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Note: all the articles and stuff here shown is copyrighted by me or by the people who has sent it to me. You can't copy anything except for personal use. You can't either put copies of this material on any web page, magazine, CD compilation or similar, though you can link from your website to any page on my site. Thank you very much.