ˇˇˇ Primera División Week 8 ˇˇ Barcelona 0 Celta 0 ˇˇ Osasuna 1 Betis 1 ˇˇ At. Madrid 1 Valencia 0 ˇˇ Mallorca 1 Málaga 1 ˇˇ R.Madrid 3 R.Sociedad 0 ˇˇ Ath. Bilbao 1 Deportivo 0 ˇˇ Segunda División Week 8 ˇˇ Villarreal 2 Zaragoza 0 ˇˇ Espanyol 1 Murcia 3 ˇˇ R.Vallecano 4 R.Santander 3 ˇˇ Sevilla 0 Tenerife 2 ˇˇ Recreativo 0 Oviedo 1 ˇˇ Valladolid 1 Alavés 2 ˇ20/06 Betis have bought promising defender Marc Bertrán in a swap deal with Espanyol ˇˇ Copa del Rey 1/8 Final 1st Leg ˇˇ Mallorca 3 Valencia 3 ˇˇ Barcelona 2 Málaga 0 ˇˇ Sevilla 1 Ath. Bilbao 2 ˇˇ R.Madrid 0 Betis 2 ˇˇ Zaragoza 1 Celta 1 ˇˇ A.Madrid 2 Oviedo 1 ˇˇ Villarreal 1 Oviedo 2 ˇˇ R.Santander 3 Alavés 1 ˇˇˇ

Welcome to the Soccer Life Spanish Liga Web Page. Soccer Life is a Soccer Pbem Assotiation based on esmsplus program with 96 teams in 4 different leagues (and growing). You can visit their page clicking on the banner

Spanish Liga is one of the 4 Soccer-Life leagues. We have just started our 6th season

Please feel free to write me at junta_13@yahoo.es for further information. We are currently looking for a manager so if you are interested just email me, or if you are interested in playing another Soccer-Life league please submit the form you can find at Soccer-life

Please visit our forum:

Special thanks to Joshua Fitts for building Soccer-Life and to Nacho Carmona for his free hosting and support
Also thanks to Eli Bendersky for creating @esms program along with David Austin and for offering free support, and to Daren McKee for developing esmsplus.
And also thanks to Bret Patterson, Ivo Zagar, Michael Abson, Ian Gammon and Adam Keeble for sharing this experience. And to Terry Leighton, and Paul Bacon for their special support and suggestions.
And, of course, thanks to my past and present players for making this a big enjoyment for me (hope they enjoy even more than me)

The responsible of this website is Pedro José Vázquez Misas, whose e-mail is junta_13@yahoo.es