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Welcome to the website of Sergio Calvet, independent cartoonist and souless librarian. Apart of news of my collaborations with other fellow writers and artists in this page you'll find too the latest developments regarding my own personal project Skyjack and the Forty Thieves.


Latest news

2 Feb. 10. Moving day!!!

Today I close this page. It's been great to hang out here at all these years (eleven? twelve?... a lot!) but is time to move on..

From now on you'll find new updates and SkyJack info at:


7 Oct 09. SkyJack #2 on sale!

On sale at the second issue of Skyjack and the FortyThieves!

Witness the return of two threats from Lee Baxter’s past. One beautiful, the other one ugly but… hard to tell which one’s the most dangerous! If that were not enough Lolita Pop, Idol Fighter (appearing courtesy of Midazz Corp) wants to stop that SkyJack fellow… and she means business!

Click here to buy it!

24 Jun 09. Halloween Man : SuperDeformed TPB

I've been busy these last times helping Drew Edwards setting up for publishing a beautiful book called Halloween Man : SuperDeformed. Showcasing some amazing stories by Drew himself and art by soon-to-be mega-stars (you don't believe me?) Nicola Scott (DC's Secret Six) and David Baldeon (Marvel's Nomad: Girl without a world) is a hell of a book.

Book it's at the printer now and hopefully it'll be available for us mere mortals to enjoy in August.

17 Jul 09. Finished penciling and coloring

Issue 2 now proceeds to begin the scripting process. Tentative publishing date keeps being end of September (fingers crossed!).

10 Jun 09. The cover is done!

You don't believe me? Look there, at right, there is the (very tiny) proof!


10 Jun 09. Spur's Revenge ready to serve!

I've finished the center piece of Skyjack and the Forty Thieves second issue, a 12 page segment where you'll witness the sequel to one of the stories that appeared in the first book.


17 May 09. A new story finished!

Today I've finished the latest Skyjack and the Forty Thieves short story. In that story I present a new version of an old character of mine : Spoletta, Mistress of the Explosive Arts. It'll see the light in the forthcoming Chibi 24 anthology. More to come.

5 Apr 09. Nothing Ever Last #4 ON SALE!!!!

We are on a roll, folks. The final chapter of the Trials of Balak saga is here! What, you don't know who that Balak fellow is? Read the comic and discover it!

5 Mar 09. Skyjack and the Forty Thieves ON SALE NOW!!!!

Just received word from Ka-Blam that the first book of Skyjack and the Forty Thieves is already up at the IndyPlanet catalog!

Here is the link to buy it!

What amazes me the most, as I've already said, it's that I've been able to acomplish the self stated publishing date of March 2009!

If all goes as expected, next installment on September 2009!



26 Feb 09. Skyjack off to the printer!

Can you believe it? A comic-book that is right on schedule?

11 Feb 09. Skyajck issue 1 finished!

Editing duties on the first issue of Skyjack and the Forty Thieves are finished. Pending minor details the book will be at the printers in 10 days or so. Hopefully, the publishing date of March '09 will be accomplished!

18 Nov 08. NEL 3 on sale!

On sale now at IndyPlanet Nothing Ever Lasts #3!




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