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December 2005

Another Open Letter from Dave. He tells us about his immediate projects, which include some gigs with Coconut Dog Fuck, and the re-release of the back catalague from The Reegs, as well as previously unreleased material.

"Euphoric, Psychadelic Dance Monsters Coconut Dog Fuck" play their next live performance at The Duke Of Wellington, Broadgate, LINCOLN on 4 February 2005 at 9pm ish, supporting a great band "Shomm" from the Rubbish Records label. There are no advance tickets and the entrance fee is £5.00 on the door.

We are in the process of organising festival slots for 2006 ie ECO-FEST (Louth), which we have played for the last 3 years and hedlined on a day last year... Small World (Louth) played before as "The Toothbrush Brigade"....Global Gathering (Tattershall).... and Deeply Vale 2006 at Heaton Park (Manchester).

The Jolly Brewer are doing a Brewer-Fest (Louth), so we will definitely be playing ('cos I'm on the organising committee) at some point.

If all goes well we hope to tour Europe in 2006, Germany and probably Spain first.

Love Dave (on behalf of Coconut Dog Fuck)

PS We can't guarantee Paul Didge is going to be at the gig but there again, you never can... he's just returned from a successful festival jaunt in Israel doing his solo Didge stuff... well done Didge!

PPS We will be joined by "Chucky" aka "Dr Bad Funk" - a human beatbox. The young kid is going to be a big act in the future and of this there is no doubt... I'm not often wrong!

PPPS I'm currently negotiating the re-release (subject to complete consensus of The Reegs) of the complete Reegs back catalogue and un-released material to the benefit of all concerned....

Love again...Dave

(Thanks Dave)


November 2005

Another Open Letter from Mark available on the Official Forum and on the Official Site. Mark tells us about the forthcoming shows in December and about the possibility of a US Tour and some days in Europe for the next year. He also gives us more information about the book he has recently finished writting. Here is the letter:


First off thanks to everyone who supported the recent shows with NMA and the gig at Bury and a special thanks to those who picked up the live rehearsal CD, thus ensuring that the shows didn't hurl me into Bankruptcy.

For those that couldn't make it to one of the shows and would like a copy of the CD, you can presently find it being offered on Ebay courtesy of our mate Simon Lawlor. The CD will also continually be available at live shows for as long as the pressing holds out. All copies are individually numbered and we currently plan to make around 500 copies or so, although we reserve the right to arrange for more if necessary.

On the live front the only remaining shows this year are in Italy and are as follows:

* Dec 1 - Rome - Zoo Bar - info - concerti@grindinghalt.it
* Dec 2 - Marcon (Venice) (with the Legendary Pink Dots) - Jam Club c|o Magic Bus - info -
* Dec 3 - Prato (Florence) - Anomalia Club - info - http://www.anomaliaclub.it

It's been brought to my attention that the Zwischenfall in Bochum are advertising a show for Dec 10th. This was originally discussed with a German agent as part of a wider December tour, which in the end I decided NOT to do, so the show was never confirmed. Obviously someone has failed to notify the venue in Bochum. Just to be clear.


I do want to play dates across Germany and one or two other venues on mainland Europe and we're looking at the possibility of setting up a string of dates early in the New Year, ahead of a proposed visit to the U.S. in March.

With regard to the book, as I think I mentioned the draft is completed and has just been proofed - my sincere thanks to Sleeper for helping me out with that. There will be a final editing revision, my mate Martin Bosker has been working on cover art and once approved, it's off to the printers. Again it'll be a limited run first editiion available from the usual online and direct outlets only. There may be a wider ISBN edition later but it's likely that this edition will be further edited. Once the book is in production it will be possible to pre-order a copy.

Can't think of anything else right now. Thanks again to all of you who continue to support our efforts.

Love and peace

(Thanks Mark)

In the Robin Bowes´site we can view some fantastic pics from the gig Mark and Yves peformed at Bury Met, 28th October 2005.

(Thanks Robin)


It has been officially edited but in a very limited way (the copies are numbered) one of the rehearsals Mark Burgess and Yyves Altana performed before the tour that is being taken place on these dates. The CD is called simply Alive '05, and shows the sound of the band playing strictly live, without further postproduction. Mark has uploaded in eBay some remarks to this edition (we write down his remarks below), which can be purchased thorugh eBay. Mark tells us about the reasons to record this rehearsal, and points out that all the benefits from the sellings of this CD will we invested in the tour they want to perform in a very independent way, without the aid of tour managements.

Alive ‘05



Strictly limited, individually numbered CD

This is a twelve-track live rehearsal CD, recorded in October 2005 in front of a specially invited audience.


Spooks / Gethsemene / Looking Inwardly / Happy New Life / Perfume Garden / Kinks / Elected / Second Skin / Only You Could Save Me / Think (it’s gonna happen) / Dangerous / This Passionate Breed

“Hello, I've been asked to write a few words regarding the latest CD 'Alive 05. Originally we did plan to record a live album at a venue in the UK as a prelude to a national tour supporting the New Model Army during October 2005. However the logistics were rather complicated due to timing and finance and so in the end I hit upon the idea of inviting a number of our regular audience to one of the band's rehearsal sessions in Manchester and recording that instead. I thought it might be interesting for people to see and hear how a band prepares for a major tour and at the same time hear the material performed in as raw a way as possible. The event was a total success and we found ourselves rehearsing in front of around 40 or so people. What was interesting for me was that I found the live rehearsal to be a completely new and unique experience and after 25 years of performing live, new and unique experiences tend to be quite rare. What was also interesting was the manner in which we chose to record the session, totally live to 8-track equipment, no overdubs. Recording in this manner is also very rare these days, in fact bands haven't generally made a record that way since the early sixties and the result is a tension in the recordings that one doesn't generally come across, harkening back to the early days of the John Peel Sessions at the old 8-track recording studio at Langham House, where I recorded my first BBC session with the Chameleons back in 81. We were so impressed actually that we went back to the studio the following day to record a few additional tracks, which is why you can only hear applause on around half of the tracks presented here. One other thing I'd like to mention, by buying this CD you're not only getting something special in terms of what has been captured, but you're also helping support my work in a very vital and practical way. I'm trying to remain as independent of the mainstream music business as possible. I was about to embark on a major tour without the usual kinds of help that record labels and such like are apt to provide, such as tour support. The entire tour was personally financed and the production of Alive 05 is meant to subsidise these costs. Therefore by purchasing it you are directly aiding the artists, another rarity in this business. So for that, you have my profound thanks.

Hope to see you on the road somewhere, in the meantime, take care.”

Mark Burgess November 1, 2005, Hamburg Germany..

Guaranteed not a bootleg, but a genuine, unplayed CD obtained direct from the band.

(Thanks Mark)


We relaunch the Others Musics section, which has been inactive for too long. In this section you will find review of the most importants works of relevant pop-rock groups and artists from the 70, 80, 90 and from this decade.

We are proud to announce, thanks to Pedro, one of the members of the Official Chameleons forum , the first new Unofficial Web dedicated to Dave Fielding and his projects in The Reegs, DF118 y Coconut Dog Fuck. We really needed a site like this, given the lack of information of this artist in the web. Pedro is a close friend of Dave, so he will be able to give us through his web site, exclusive information. If you want to know everything about this magnificent artist,like biographic data, rare photos, and latest news, this is your web site. We hope long life to the brand new web site of Pedro. This is the link:




(Thanks a lot, Pedro)

This is the Set list Mark Burgess and The Sons of God performed on their gig at Bury:

Looking Inwardly
Happy New Life
Perfume Garden
This Passionate Breed
Stop Talking
Only You Could Save Me

Second Skin

And now some stills from the same gig taken by LordoftheBadges


(Thanks Lordofthebadges)


September 2005

Mark Burgess has uploaded an Open Letter on Wishville, the official forum, where he talks a little bit about his forthcoming autobiographic book, which will be published before the end of the year, as Mark confirm us. He also gives very important information regarding some rehearsals for the October gigs, which will be recorded and the fans who want can attend this event. Some gigs in Italy are also confirmed for December. Here is the whole letter:



As a prelude to the October UK dates we're planning to record the final rehearsal at a recording studio in Cheatham Hill, Manchester on the evening of Saturday, Oct 8th (starting at around 4pm til around 6pm) for a small invited audience. Admission is entirely free. If you would like to be a member of this audience please send an e-mail to: mark@thechameleons.com - Subject heading: Live Rehearsal.

We're limited on the number of people we can invite so please don't apply unless you're absolutely certain you're gong to make it.

The book I've been writing is now completed, titled 'View From A Hill' and is in the process of being proofed and is in the last stages of editing. I'm optimistic that a limited fist edition will be in print by December. It will be possible to pre-order copies. Details will follow closer to the publication date.

Finally in addition to the UK October dates there will be dates in Italy during the first week of December.

30.11.2005 Salerno, Braveheart
01.12.2005 Rome, Zoo Bar
02.12.2005 Marcon (Venice), Magic Bus (+ Legendary Pink Dots)
03.12.2005 Prato, Anomalia Club

That's it. Thanks and all the best



(Thanks Mark)

On the new Obscure80smusic.com web site, a section dedicated to The Chameleons has been created. This web site is still on development, but we really hope the number of referenced bands will soon be increased and the information related to The Chameleons as well. On the Links within The Chameleons´ Section they make a reference to: The Official Site, The Official Forum and ... to this little lonely island.

(Thanks Matt)

New interview to Mark Burgess available in the online magazine whisperinandhollerin by Tim Peacock. Mark talks about the abrupt end of The Chameleons in Easter of 2003, and how he still hasn´t put in contact with some of the members of the band. He also talks about his new projects and gigs with Yves Altana and about the possibility of playing new songs. According to his own words, they have been working on new songs, and the new year could see the birth of a new album by both artists. Mark informs us in this interview how he is finishing his autobiographic book. By the end of this year it should have been finished and the first edition would be self-published. The title of the book is A View from A Hill.

(Thanks Pedro)

We include in the Downloads section information about Editors, a new british band, very close in style toInterpol, so their sound has very evident influences of Joy Division andThe Chameleons. On their official web site you can listen to Munich andBullets, two tracks from their debut albumt The Back Room. Furthermore we also include information in the downloads section about a new band from Brooklyn calledThe Winter Pageant, very close in style to Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Listening to them is worth while.

Dave Fielding, Paul Didg and Ralph Harris are playing a gig as Coconut Dog Fuck in The Jolly Brewer,LINCOLN (UK) on 23 September 2005. Starting approx 9pm.

(Thanks Becky)

For those interested in some pics of the band Coconut Dog Fuck in their gig of 9th of July, you can visit this gallery made by Blackout:

There is available a review of this gig on the manchestermusic.co.uk website.

(Thanks Blackout)


We update the Covers section with all the info related to the covers the alternative rock band Elliott made of The Fan & The Bellows, and the cover the techno-electronic duet Sim Stim made of Swamp Thing, as well. Slim Stim have on their web site an excerpt of this cover to download; for that reason, we have added this cover in the downloads section.

Elliot - Single Will You
Sim Stim
Album Jack In - Log On - Nod Off


There is available in StrangE TimeS two excerpts in mp3 format from two songs of the albums Bewilderbeast by Andy Whitaker and The John Lever Session by Music For Aborigines. We thank the authors for giving us kind permission for including these fragments in this web site. Due to storage limitations we can´t provide you with the full songs, and we have had to reduce the quality of the mp3 to 80 kbps. This is the reason why these mp3 do NOT reflect the real quality of sound of the CDs. These are the excerpts we offer you for free distribution:

Important Note: The copyright of the authors of these songs is preserved. These excerpts in mp3 format have been included in the Web Site StrangE TimeS with the kind permission of the authors. Andy Whitaker - Tigerskin Sunset (excerpt) Time 2:24
Music For Aborigines - Perfect Day (excerpt) Time 1:44

(Thanks Andy Whitaker & Andy Clegg)

We have designed in StrangE TimeS, two wallpapers for PC; one of them is dedicated to The Chameleons with their line-up of 2000, and the other one is a bit more classic: The Sun & The Moon. Both wallpapers are available in the news section and in the downloads section as well. We have created them in two different screen resolutions: 1024x768 and 800x600. The authors of the photographs used have been credited. We hope you like them.



Andy McQuade, a polifacetic artist, has in his own web site, some songs to download. One of them is an acoustic cover of Tears. To download it, just click on the link below:



August 2005

Andy Clegg and Andy Whitaker have provided us with some photographs from Music For Aborigines. We have uploaded them in the Photos´section. We have also designed a wallpaper of Music For Aborigines for PC (we have done it in two different screen resolutions:800x600 and 1024x768). You can download it right here:

(Thanks Andy C and Andy W)


It´s been released through Going Nowhere Records the collection of demos Andy Whitaker (Music for Aborigines, The Sun and The Moon, Weaveworld) recorded originally in 1992. The compilation is entitled Bewilderbeast, and as the artist himself tells us below it includes ideas which appeared during the Weaveworld, The Sun and The Moon and even Music for Aborigines era. The album which had no previous official release can now be purchased via Paypal at the price of £ 5 contacting Going Nowhere Records . Here is the CD cover and the track list.

01-Oliver´s Girl
02-Wind of Change
03-Hell on Earth
05-Meditation,UFO´s, Corncircles and Ghosts
06-Tigerskin Sunset
07-Love is Your Game
08-Environmental Issue
09-A Reformed Man
10-The Traveller

Excerpt for free distribution in mp3 format (80kbps):
Tigerskin Sunset (excerpt) Time 2:24

Andy Whitaker
I recorded Bewilderbeast in the autumn of 1992. It was recorded over a six-week period on a very 9 to 5 basis. I turned the upstairs of my house into a recording studio by running cables from the small bedroom that housed the four-track to the main bedroom where I would mike up my Peavey Stereo Chorus guitar amp. I played guitar through it at high volume using a long guitar lead so that I could operate the four-track back in the box room. Music For Aborigines art designer Chris Cunday provided additional tape-op skills and Mr Andy Clegg undertook live drum machine playing. I would like to point out that This album of songs was entitled Bewilderbeast in 1992, a number of years prior to Badly Drawn Boy's album Return of the Bewilderbeast. Actually I sold quite a few copies in Bolton at the time. It would be nice to think that it was from this demo that he took the name.

Some of the material on this demo was intended as Weaveworld songs and were in the process of being worked on when the band split. Also some of the rifts were from Sun and the Moon song writing sessions. Some ideas even dated back and survived on from Andy's and mine Music for Aborigines Album improvisations.

Inspiration for this album of songs but not plagiarized I hasten to add (have you ever hastened to ad?) was provided by bands and artists like The House of Love, Ultra Vivid Scene, XTC, Nick Drake, Leather Nun, The Chameleons, The Cocteau Twins, The Beatles and the Kinks.

Give it a spin and see what you think. I've also got some meat for sale and 70 Dolphin pictures under the bed if you prefer.

The best to you

Andy Whit, 21 40pm, Thursday 14th July, just a little bit pissed and blissed after a long day shooting a movie with Helena Bonham Carter.

These demos have really the mood of Music for Aborigines and The Sun and The Moon songs, with very introspective feelings and evokative melodies. Neverthless, we really miss a proper studio production, with which the songs could be showed in their full strength and with better sound. Andy Whitaker is, sadly, another underrated artist who has been ignored by the music business. From here we wish him and all the artists who have been involved in The Chameleons´ World a better and brighter future.


July 2005

Yves Altana has confirmed in his distribution list that he has been contacted by Mark Burgess to play together in The Sons of God band, which this time will be a trio, as openers in the October UK gigs of New Model Army and as headliners in The Met Theatre, en Bury. It seems these concerts are the beginning of a new era, and it´s possible both artits will be working together on new material. As soon as we have more information regarding the whole line-up of this band and their future projects we will let you know.

(Thanks Yves)

Good news for all Mark Burgess fans. As he himself has confirmed in the Official Forum , Mark Burgess will be playing as opener in the UK Tour New Model Army is performing in October. Mark Burgess will be playing with the three piece band he is setting up for the Bury Show at The Met. These are the confirmed dates:

Thurs Oct 13 - Exeter Lemon Grove
Fri Oct 14 - Southampton The Brook
Sat Oct 15 - London Astoria Theatre
Sun Oct 16 - Cambridge The Junction
Tues Oct 18 - Wolverhampton Wulfren Hall
Wed Oct 19 - Manchester Acadamy 2
Thurs Oct 20 - Glasgow Garage
Fr Oct 21 - Sheffield Corporation
Sat Oct 22 Northampton Roadmender.

All tickets are £15 in advance.Venue contact details can be found here:


(Thanks Mark)

Thanks to Blackout, a member of the Chameleons Official Forum, we can view some fantastic photographs of the gig Coconut Dog Fuck, the band of Dave Fielding, did on 9th July at the Jolly Brewer. The band is formed by:

Dave Fielding - Guitars,Keyboards, Dulcimer,
Paul Didge - Didgeridoo
Ralph Harris - Percussion

Here is the link to the pics. They mix electric sound with trance techno rythms. Their Northern Stars EP, composed by 4 instrumental songs, is only available at their gigs.

(Thanks Blackout)


More news about Andy Clegg:

Andy Clegg will be playing with his brother, both of them under the name of KIZILOK on 20th of August at The Witchwood supporting The Tides, Ormerta and the Cellars. As soon as we have more info about this gig, we will keep you informed.

Fantastic news for all the fans interested in the hard-to-find material by MUSIC for ABORIGINES. It is now available through Going Nowhere Records, the label of Andy Clegg and his brother, the Sessions MUSIC for ABORIGINES recorded originally with John Lever at the drums in 1987 at Suite 16 Studios. The CD includes also 2 Demos recorded originally in 1986. The CD, entitled The John Lever Session, can be purchased at the price of £10 directly from the authors through Paypal by emailing Going Nowhere Records.

Here is the scanned artwork from the CD

Note: We offer for free distribution, with the permission of the authors (the copyright is preserved), an excerpt in mp3 format (80kbps) of the song Perfect Day:

Perfect Day (excerpt) Time 1:44

Andy Clegg has also sent us an interesting biography of MUSIC for ABORIGINES, and some photos we proudly present here. For too long there has been a lack of information regarding this fantastic group, which was (like The Chameleons) totally underrated by the entire world. Although too many years have passed since this group disbanded, let´s try to do some justice. Here is all the info for those who will be interested in knowing more about MUSIC for ABORIGINES:

In November 1979 Andy Whit Andy Clegg who were friends from school, decided to get together and record improvisations in song form with verse, chorus etc. Guitar parts vocal melodies and lyrics were all improvised and recorded live on to a tape deck with no overdubs etc. The ideas were the length a typical song and were given titles and an album title. They would treat the improvisations as a finished product and would enjoy listening to them later, as if it was a new album by a new band. Gradually other instruments would be used, drum machine, keyboards, and bass.

In 1983, Dave Booth a friend of Andy Whit would join on guitar. It was at this time that they decided to give themselves a band name. Andy W came up with the name Music for Aborigines and began to choose a selection of songs from the improvised albums to play live.

They played a few local gigs using a drum machine then decided to look for a venue in Manchester for which they could sell tickets and create a live venue for bands. They discovered The Star and Garter and the venue is still hosting live music today. Their first gig at the Star and Garter was very successful. It was at this gig that Chameleons drummer John Lever who had been friends with both Andy's, advertised the gig on a Chameleons radio interview and Mark, Reg and Dave had all agreed they would help out, by collecting the tickets on the door.

In 1986 a mutual school friend of both Andy's Col Smith joined MFA on keyboards. Their next gig would be at a local pub for charity and John Lever would join on drums. As John was officially with the Chameleons, MFA needed a permanent drummer and Mike Simms who was the drummer for Manchester band BFG (who supported New Order) became MFA drummer. After many gigs, some being supported by Eskimos and Egypt and with the Chameleons at Middleton Civic Hall the band decided to go in the studio to record some demos. "When You Were A Child" and "Ragbone Man" were the first demos to be recorded in Didsbury M/C and were used to get a record deal.

Later, Col, Dave and Mike departed from the band and John Lever introduced the 2 Andys to guitarist Aky who was a member of a local punk band The Hoax that featured Mike Joyce of The Smiths on drums. Then they decided to go in suite 16 studios owned by Peter Hook of New ORDER where Script of the Bridge was recorded. They chose more songs to record from the improvised albums and purposely wrote new material with the intention of releasing a 3 track 12 inch single. They asked John Lever to play drums for them. Due to Aky only just joining, he only played guitar on "Sitting on a Biscuit" and came up with the idea for "The End of Tracey Smith". The 2 Andy's played all of Col and Dave's parts, initially written for the songs. The 10 songs were recorded in 2 days and 3 of the songs were chosen for the single. The majority of the songs were taken and reworked from the improvised albums created by Andy W, Andy C, Dave Booth and Col Smith.A 12" single was released. Chris Cundy (a local artist and friend of the band) created the artwork. Chris also became the creator of the visuals the band used in their live sets.

Sadly for MFA, John rejoined the Chameleons. Later when the Chameleons eventually disbanded Mark and John approached Andy W and Andy C to form The Sun and the Moon, which Aky also would be involved with. The track "Faith" would become a regular live feature in the SATM concerts and many ideas that were created through the improvisation albums became SATM album tracks.


It has been announced on the Chameleons official forum a gig of Mark Burgess for next October at The Met:





FURTHER INFORMATION http://www.themet.biz/index.php

More info as soon as we get it.

(Thanks Pure1)


June 2005

On the web site of Andy McQuade you will find video of Don´t Fall he himself has mixed to download:


We will update soon this information on the downloads section of our web site

(Thanks Andy)


Here is all the info regarding the new projects by Andy Clegg (Music for Aborigines, The Sun and The Moon and Weaveworld) and his brother Ian, who is known artistically as Kizilok. They have released a CD which contains the album called So You Think You´re a Grown Up by Andy Clegg, and the demo works called Going Nowhere Days by Kizilok. Here is the info received directly from Ian and Andy:


There is now a released solo album by ex SUN and the MOON guitarist ANDY CLEGG called SO YOU THINK YOU'RE A GROWN UP.This is the first material written, produced and played by Andy since the demise of WEAVEWORLD.The album was recorded in South Africa and now Andy is back in the UK to release it. The album is acoustic based with influences of MOMUS, PLAID, BERNARD HERMANN. Also on the cd is a demo of Andy Clegg's brother, under the name of KIZILOK called GOING NOWHERE DAYS. Kizilok's demo as an influence of THE CHILLS, DURUTTI COLUMN, PHILLIP GLASS. This cd cannot be purchased in the shops as we have no distributor.These are direct copies from the masters and can only be purchased direct from us [ian and andy clegg] for £5 by debit or credit card through Paypal by e-mailing us at Going Nowhere Records.
PS,enjoy your music and tell your friends.


Although both works have been created in a completely different environment, they have many elements in common. Andy´album has been recorded in a Professional Studio of South Africa, meanwhile Ian´s songs are a 4-track recording. Nevertheless the atmospheres created by these brothers are not very different. Evocative melodies full of feeling where the guitars build up beautiful landscapes of sound. You will find in both albums catchy melodies (with a bit of sadness and melancholy) that run, neverthless, from the standard of a mainstream pop-song. I´m glad to know that out there, there are people brave enough to play the guitar in his own personal way, ignoring fashions and business demands, trying to find new ways in music. Just hope, the world will (this time) listen. From this site we will try to give a little of what this kind of artists deserve.

Here is the Track List from both works and the notes and photographs the respective Artists have sent us regarding their works:

(For a better visualization click on any of the images above)



1-Going Nowhere Days
2-Instrumental Love
3-Scream and Shout
4-Never Ever, See You Again
5-An Instrumental in Love
6-Intricate Timing
7-Eyes and Mind
9-If You´re Sure
10-Summer Nights
11-Instrumental Love Lost



Dear listener,
Winter was drawing in fast, and as the beginning of my album started to evolve, I knew from previous winters that this one was going to be darker and colder than the last. By the time I'd written it I just wanted to get out of Manchester and go.
GOING NOWHERE DAYS was written at the time I was into things that took me to far off magical places, and the music I was listening to at the time was PHILLIP GLASS, THE CHILLS, DURUTTI COLUMN, these were the main influences. My ideas were to construct songs with an epic feel, but to keep them within a 3-minute time period, as they were a demo for record companies. I had a Takamine semi acoustic, £50 keyboard and a delay pedal. The keyboard had a built in drum machine, but you couldn't program it. The songs came from acoustic ideas so I felt that I didn't need drums anyway {except CRY and SUMMER NIGHTS} and I realised that the songs were strong enough without them, I didn't even bother to put down click tracks.
Winter was coming, and I started to record it in the back bedroom. My view was over looking a tree in the neighbour's garden, which was planted in memory of their daughter, who had committed suicide over a failed relationship. At the time I was recording it, I had only passing clouds and this tree to look at, every time I poised for my smoke and think about what I was doing.
The sound I wanted for this production was to make the songs feel warm and thick, so I would double track the guitar parts, one straight on to the other, and one through a mic. When I wanted to bounce more guitar parts down, I discovered that the more you did it, the more you lost in production, so I would always have to keep making compromises.
ANDY CLEGG walked in to my room a couple of times in between countries, and played on a few tracks. He actually saved one track from the bin {NEVER EVER}, which now is one of my favourites, and he played bass lines on CRY and INTRICATE TIMING with my acoustic. He found the things I was looking for in the short time he stayed, a definite inspiration.
The mix was a problem at the end because my flight was due to arrive, and take me away from these rain sodden lands. My impatience grew with what I was doing, so with all the time and effort that I put into it, I rushed the mix and lost some of those little interesting parts, that would only matter to the artist himself. Months on end I was talking to myself, arguing, congratulating, hating, and agreeing with myself and asking the question "how did I get here". You just want to finish it and you can't decide where. In the end my flight was more important.
At least in the end I realised, that my music doesn't sound like one of those bland, wimpy, melodic guitar bands like Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Travis to name a few. Britain has asked for those types of bands, and I hope they fucking choke on them, they're crawling out of every inspired teenage plectrum.
I hope my album gives you what you want, just don't choke on it.


Andy Clegg


1-Song for Nick
2-Head on the Ground
3-Casiotronics I
4-Useless Things
5-Casiotronics II
6-Reasons for Living
7-I Will Be Someone Like You
8-Casiotronics III
9-Don´t Believe All You See
10-Two Songs
11-Realistic Dreamers
12-I Don´t Want to Know

Whilst travelling in South Africa, I wrote some song ideas and decided to record them in a local recording studio in Johannesburg. The ideas were meant to be performed by full band keyboards, drums, etc but didn't know any other musicians around at the time. So I recorded the bass, keyboards, etc, myself and used a drum machine for a couple of ideas. So you're hearing the songs with the drums missing, which made ideas incomplete.
After recording the songs, I wrote some more to add to the others. The producer was on holiday, so I went in a more expensive studio with a different producer and recorded five more songs, but I was unhappy with the production, so I just kept one song which was "I Don't Want To Know".
The song "Realistic Dreamers" was written from a guitar idea originally intended to be presented as a song idea for the second album of "The Sun And The Moon".

Both Andy and Ian have been so kind to give us permission for posting some mp3 from their CD, in order to be distributed for free. From the acoustic album by Andy Clegg, we present one of his catchiest songs, called Two Songs. A great song joining perfectly two different melodies, which could have been a hit if promoted properly. From the demos by Ian Kizilok, we upload the one which gives name to his work, Going Nowhere Days. A great melancholic melody. Enjoy!

Kizilok-Going Nowhere Days

Andy Clegg - Two Songs

Note: Due to storage limitations the quality of the mp3 has been reduced to 80 kbps

(Thank you very much Ian and Andy)


May 2005

Recently we have had news of Andy Clegg (who made some collaborations with The Chameleons and who was the guitarrist of bands like Music for Aborigines, The Sun and The Moon and Weaveworld) and his brother Ian. They, themselves, have told us about the projects they are now working on. We are, in StrangE TimeS, very proud to be able to offer information directly from the artists who, in one way or another, have been related to The Chameleons.

In short time we will be able to give you detailed information about the nature of their projects, which include the release of new works. Furthermore we will inform you about their plans for the near future. More news yet to come

(Thank you very much Ian and Andy)